Animation Short Drawn 13:00 min © Maarten Isaäk de Heer 2015
Sounddesign by Michał Krajczok
Handdrawn 2D animation for full dome.
  • Animation: Maarten Isaäk de Heer
  • Best Soundtrack at the Immersive Film Festival IFF Espinho 2015

Wandernd Haus Voll Vogelwasser

Animation Short Cut Out 9:40 min © Veronika Samartseva 2011
Directed by Veronika Samartseva
On a plunge into the inner world and a peculiar guest.


Animation Short 3D and Drawn 4:22 min © Felix Gönnert 2016
Directed by Felix Gönnert
A young boy runs away, but realizes that he can’t escape reality.
  • Animation: Felix Gönnert

Secrets of the Moon – Opener

Logo Animation, 2:06 min, © Alexander Pohl 2014
Directed by Alexander Pohl
A short opener to visualize the logo of the independent metal band “secrets oft the moon”. Idea and realization by Alexander Pohl. Music by Michał Krajzcok.

Old dog - new tricks

short film handdrawn & 2d computer 1:47 min © Super Saga 2013
Directed by Milen Vitanov and Jan Koester
Advertising for a new anti flea treatment for dogs, produced by Super Saga Agency Belgium. A dog learns new ways to deal his worst enemies.

"Blaubär" Audio Book Trailer

"Blaubär" Audio Book Trailer 2:43 min © Michał Krajczok 2013
Sound Design & Music by Michał Krajczok
The book "Die 131/2 Leben des Käpt´n Blaubär" was originally published  in 1999 and then in 2002 relased as an audio book with the voice of Dirk Bach.
This trailer is a short example of the NEW audio book (originally 19 hours long), having the superb voice and acting of Dirk Bach and new Music and Sound Design by Michał Krajczok.
  • Supervising: Walter and Elvira Moers
  • Sound Design Support: Marian Mentrup and Niklas Kammertöns
  • Vocals for "Blaubärmädchen": Larissa Blau
  • Musical Saw: Katharina Micada
  • Trailer Editing: Annette Jung

Showreel Michał Krajczok

Showreel 2:22 min © Michał Krajczok 2012
Music and Sound Design by Michał Krajczok
"A selection of films for which I made sound and/or music."
The "Sampled" Directors:
  • Annette Jung
  • Sonja Rohleder
  • Katharina Niedermeier
  • Isabella Willinger
  • Milena Bonse
  • Constanze Knoche
  • Veronika Samartseva
  • Gudrun Krebitz
  • Izabela Plucinska
  • Anna Bergmann
  • Heike Schmidt
  • Alexandra Kardinar
  • Volker Schlecht
  • René Lange
  • Timo Quistorff
  • Milen Vitanov
  • Tomer Eshed
  • Jan Koester
  • Samuel Weikopf

Animator 2012 Trailer

Festival Trailer Clay Animation 0:39 min © Claytraces 2012
Directed by Izabella Plucinska Trailer for the Animator Festival in Poznań.
  • Sound and Music: Michał Krajczok

Over You / Music Video by Drushba Pankow

Music Video Drawn 3:12 min © Drushba Pankow 2012
Directed by Drushba Pankow
Michał Krajczok, musician and sound designer of Talking Animals was approached by Drushba Pankow to write a song for this animation.


Short Film Cut-Out, 2D, 3D 5:00 min © HFF Konrad Wolf 2009
Directed and animated by Sonja Rohleder
Cocoon Child is a poetic film about the imaginary world of an autistic child and shows a moment when her inner and outer worlds connect.
  • Producer: Helga Loebel
  • Editor: Maryna Shuklina
  • Berlinale Generation Kplus
  • Athens Animfest
  • Giffoni Film Festival
  • Fresh Film Fest Karlovy Vary
  • Anim'Est
  • Granada International Young Filmmakers Festival
  • Tricky Women
  • Anifest
  • Montreal Intl Children's Film Festival
  • Animabasauri
  • Animabasque
  • DOK Leipzig

CBS Outdoor

CBS Outdoor - Interaktive Europe
sound design and music for "interactive europe"
a campaign by CBS Outdoor, London
MUSIC: Marian Mentrup
SOUND DESIGN: Marian Mentrup, Michal Krajczok

ANIMATION: Matthias Hoegg
AGENCY: Undercurrent Brands, London

Once i dreamt of Life - Animation Trailer

Animation Sequences 2D cutout 12:00 min © Mouka Filmi 2014
Animation Directed by Gregor Dashuber
"Once I Dreamt Of Life" is a feature length documentary film about suicide - a subject that people rarely want to talk about. It’s an account about one’s personal relation to suicide, but also studies suicide as social phenomena: What are the motives, warning signs and consequences? The film follows the journey of a young man, an animated character based on a real person, on his path towards suicide. The journey is described by people who’ve had encounters with suicide - parents who lost their child, young adults who considered or even tried committing suicide.
Official website of the film: onceidreamtoflife.com


Short Film 2D handdrawn 13:00 min © Talking Animals 2013
Directed by Gregor Dashuber
A romantic comedy until the bitter end.


Animated Intro Cut-Out 2:00 min © Talking Animals 2011
Directed by Pauline Kortmann & Sonja Rohleder
Client: Stories Unlimited, Handwerkskammer Potsdam
It's the intro for an image film made by Stories Unlimited for the Handwerkskammer Potsdam (HWK). Follow the apprentice boy Sandro on his HKW organised trip to itlay, where he's learning to make Ciabatta.


Showreel of Marian Mentrup created in December 2011  

Music Showreel 2014 - Marian Mentrup

SHOWREEL 05:00 min © Marian Mentrup 2014
All music composed by Marian Mentrup
Music Showreel.    


Directed by Matthias Hoegg
Graduation film for the Royal College of Arts in London Sound design and music by Marian Mentrup (Talking Animals) Mixed at the Talking Animals Sound Department


Directed by Gregor Dashuber
A Fly, an Alcohol Problem and the Apocalypse


short film 2D computer drawn animation 5:45 min © HFF Konrad Wolf & P. Kortmann 2011
Directed by Pauline Kortmann
It’s hot. The weather frog is alarmed: if what the kids say is true, terrible things could happen to the climate! What exactly, the poor frog learns the hard way.
  • Giffoni Film Festival
  • Filmfest München
  • Zlin International Film Festival for Children and Youth
  • Goldener Spatz Deutsches Kinder-Medien-Festival
  • interfilm 27. Internationales Kurzfilmfestival Berlin
  • DOK Leipzig
  • Cork Film Festival
  • ViewFinders: International Film Festival for Youth
  • Monstra - Lisbon Animated Film Festival
  • Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia
  • Chicago International Children’s Film Festival
  • Audience Award at Neustrelitzer Naturfilmfestival
  • Honorable mention at SCHLINGEL - Internationales Filmfestival für Kinder und junges Publikum

Rising Hope

short film 10:00 min © Talking Animals 2012
Directed by Milen Vitanov
Rising Hope, who used to be the fastest horse in the world, suddenly turns into a loser. With the help of a new friend − a jack-of-all-trades hound − he finds hope and himself again.
  • Berlinale International Film Festival
  • Atlanta Film Festival, USA
  • Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film
  • SICAF Seoul Int.Cartoon&Animation Festival
  • DOK-Leipzig 2012, Germany
  • Clermont-Ferrand 2012, France
  • Film Festival Max Ophüls Preis 2013, Germany
  • KROK Int. Animation Film Festival 2012, Ukraine
  • Encounters Film Festival 2012, Bristol, UK
  • Rhode Island International Film Festival 2012, USA
  • Curtas Vila do Conde 2012, Vila do Conde, Portugal
  • "Cartoons & Sport" Cartoon on the Bay 2012, Italy
  • Best Animated Film, Young Jury Award at Rhode Island Int. Film Festival 2012, USA
  • Audience Award for Best Short Film - The 24 hours of Nuremberg Int. Short Film Festival 2012, Germany
  • Award of the Junior Jury for Best Short Film - Capalbio Cinema International Film Festival 2012, Italy
  • Best Film at the Animacam, International  Animation Festival 2013, in Ourense, Spain


Directed and animated by Gregor Dashuber
The awkward hero stumbles over a long forgotten piano.Music leads him from his run down existence out into the city life.There he plays a last funeral march to all the deadbeats on the sidewalk.  
  • International Animation Film Festival Annecy
  • World Film Festival Montreal
  • Klik Amsterdam Animation Festival
  • Brooklyn International Film Festival
  • Sao Paolo International Film Festival
  • Krok Animation Festival
  • International Short Film Festival Dresden
  • DOK Leipzig Festival
  • Anim'Est Festival
  • Aubagne International Film Festival
  • Monstra Animated Film Festival
  • Festival of Animated Film Stuttgart

T-Labs Trailer

SHORT FILM2D DRAWN ANIMATION2:05 MIN© Deutsche Telekom & Talking Animals 2012
Written, directed and designed by Samuel Weikopf
This is a trailer for the animated infotainment series "Looking behind the scenes of Deutsche Telekom Laboratories"
  • Voice Acting: Jesse Inman, Shawn Lawton, Danny Klein, Pete Littlewood, Kathleen Clancy
  • Sounddesign and Recording: Michał Krajczok
  • Music: Marian Mentrup

Music for Deutsche Telekom Laboratories

Music for Deutsche Telekom Laboratories 4:45 min © Marian Mentrup 2010
Composed and recorded by Marian Mentrup at the Talking Animals Sound Studio
Music for "Behind the Scenes of Deutsche Telekom Laboratories", a 2D animation series by Talking Animals


Directed and animated by Veronika Samartseva and Anna Bergmann (SAMO-SAMA)
Susie Asado sings and a small heroin waits for her spaghetti.
  • Camera and Lighting: Thomas Bergmann
  • Filmfest Dresden
  • Zlín Film Festival
  • IndieLisboa Junior


SHORTFILMCUT-OUT4:00 min© Tiger Unterwegs Filmproduktion 2008
Directed and animated by Veronika Samartseva and Anna Bergmann (SAMO-SAMA)
About the Royal Family, Chocolate, many airplanes and a big exposion.
  • Music: Susie Asado
  • Annecy
  • Anifest
  • Hiroshima
  • Osnabrueck
  • Best Music Video Bradford Animation Festival
  • Special Mention Anifest
  • Prädikat Besonders Wertvoll


Festival Trailer CUT-OUT 1:30 min © SAMO-SAMA 2008
Directed and animated by Veronika Samartsevaand Anna Bergmann (SAMO-SAMA)
Trailer for the Interfilm Festival Berlin 2008
Ingredients: apple, banana, blackberries, blueberry, butternut pumpkin, carrot, cauliflower, celery, chicory, chili, corn, cucumber, eggplant, fig, grapefruit, green beans, kiwi, orange, paprika, pear, physalis, pineapple, pitahaya, pomegranate, potato, radish, raspberry, red cabbage, red currant, savoy cabbage, star fruit, strawberry, sweet potato, white mushroom, zucchini
  • Music: ?SHMALTZ!


SHORT FILM PORRIDGE & DRAWN 1:30 min © HFF Konrad Wolf 2005
Directed by Veronika Samartseva
"It's all about porridge and love and what they have in common. Based on a poem by Igor Irtenjev. This is one of my first films I made during the studies..."  

Marian Mentrup - Robot Love (Soundtrack)

Soundtrack, 0:55 min © Marian Mentrup 2011

Chump And Clump

short film3D animation10:35 min© HFF Konrad Wolf 2008
Directed by Stephan Sacher and Michael Herm
Chump and Clump meet at a bus station. Unfortunately, they have just missed their bus, which arrives only once a week. While waiting for the next bus, a bizarre and wonderfully raucous friendship develops, which still manages to prevail when all odds turn against our little heroes.
  • Story, Design, Animation: Stephan Sacher and Michael Herm
  • Chump: Volkram Zschiesche
  • Clump: Michael Herm
  • Additional Animation: Daniel Zinner
  • Music: Friedemann Matzeit 
  • Editing: Sven Fox 
  • Compositing: Dennis Rettkowski
  • Sound Design: Paul Rischer
  • Re-Recording Mixing: Marian Mentrup
  • Line Producer: Javelle Bauersfeld
  • Foley Artist: Guenther Roehn
  • Music Recording: Veit Norek


Short Film 2D Computer Animation 5:30 min © HFF Konrad Wolf 2009
Directed by René Lange
Itsy bitsy spider went down the sounding board.  Down came the hammer and striked the spider's chord.
  • Director: René Lange
  • Music: Daniel Regenberg
  • Prize for the Best Original Soundtrack, Cinanima Portugal

Wandernd (Soundtrack)

Wandernd Haus (Soundtrack), 2:22 min © Veronika Samartseva 2012
Directed by Veronika Samartseva
Soundtrack for the short film "Wandernd Haus voll Vogelwasser" by Veronika Samartseva 
A Film by: Veronika Samartseva
Music: Marian Mentrup French Horn: Matthias Krieg
Accordeon: Paula Sell  Produced and recorded at Talking Animals Sound Studio
SOUND: Marian Mentrup
PRODUCER: Julie Lamarre

I Know You

Short Film Drawn Animation 3:54 min © Gudrun Krebitz 2009
Directed by Gudrun Krebitz
An unanswered telephone, an attempt to dance, a knife in a drawer. I know you - do you know whom you are dealing with?
  • Director, Animator: Gudrun Krebitz
  • Voice: Lola C. Bohle

Lied 12

Music Video Animation 5' © 2008 HFF "Konrad Wolf"
Music Video for Marwell "Lied 12".
  • Music by Marwell
  • Recorded & Mixed by Michał Krajczok

Flamingo Pride

short film3D animation6:00 min© Tomer Eshed 2011
Directed by Tomer Eshed
Trailer Concept & Editing Jens Prausnitz
  • Director: Tomer Eshed
  • Technical Director, Producer: Dennis Rettkowski
  • Cinematography: Olaf Aue
  • Set Design: Jan Schneider

The Penguin

short film 2D animation 7:15 min © Annette Jung & Walter Moers 2012
Directed by Annette Jung
The Penguin is bugging an Eskimo couple, it all ends up in a massive splatter scenario. Based upon the comic „Der Pinguin“ by Walter Moers.


Short Film 2D Computer 3:00 min © Sonja Rohleder 2014
Directed and animated by Sonja Rohleder
A woman walks her dog in the park, where she meets a man she would have liked to avoid. English title: Walk the Dog
  • Voices: Ivan Baio, Alberto Picciau, Francesca Pili, Ivana Mescalchin
  • Filmfest Dresden
  • Festival of Animated Films Stuttgart
  • Anifest
  • International Kurzfilmfestival Hamburg
  • Festival Plein La Bobine
  • Odense International Film Festival
  • DEFA Promotion Prize Animation at Filmfest Dresden
  • Special Mention of the National Youth Jury at Filmfest Dresden