Creative Director, Animator, Concept Artist

I’m a berlin based art director and animator. Before I graduated from the HFF Potsdam Babelsberg with a degree in animation in 2009, I’ve already started working on a freelance basis gaining expierence in the fileds of advertising, commercial animation and illustration. I’ve worked on several high end projects, including as an art director for the development of an animated series for Playmobil and as supervising animator on the Comedy Central redesign 2010. My main focus lies in character development and character animation. Since 2011 I'm creative director at Zoobe Message Entertainment.

  • 2008
    Chump And Clump

    CG animation


Chump And Clump

short film3D animation10:35 min© HFF Konrad Wolf 2008
Directed by Stephan Sacher and Michael Herm
Chump and Clump meet at a bus station. Unfortunately, they have just missed their bus, which arrives only once a week. While waiting for the next bus, a bizarre and wonderfully raucous friendship develops, which still manages to prevail when all odds turn against our little heroes.
  • Story, Design, Animation: Stephan Sacher and Michael Herm
  • Chump: Volkram Zschiesche
  • Clump: Michael Herm
  • Additional Animation: Daniel Zinner
  • Music: Friedemann Matzeit 
  • Editing: Sven Fox 
  • Compositing: Dennis Rettkowski
  • Sound Design: Paul Rischer
  • Re-Recording Mixing: Marian Mentrup
  • Line Producer: Javelle Bauersfeld
  • Foley Artist: Guenther Roehn
  • Music Recording: Veit Norek